ZENY Bird Cage & Stand Review – Budget Cage

ZENY Bird Cage

ZENY Bird Cage & Stand

  • Bird Size(s): X-Small - Medium
  • Dimensions: 25" x 17" x 53"
  • Bar Spacing: 0.5"
  • Durability: Weak


  • Good for small houses and apartments.
  • Large door for easy access to cage.
  • Two separate feeding stations.
  • Metal droppings tray.
  • Stand with shelf is included with cage.
  • Includes wheels for easy movement.


  • Poor assembly instructions.
  • Bars,frame, and fasteners are flimsy.
  • No droppings shield means messy floors.
  • Latch isn't secure for smarter birds.
  • Brittle feeding bowls can ship damaged.

Full Review

ZENY’s bird cage is a budget cage that includes a rolling stand for ease of movement and placement. The cage is reasonably spacious for small to medium birds. The droppings tray slides out for easy cleaning. It includes two feeding stations (4 plastic bowls altogether) and two wooden perches.

Let’s start this off by saying you are getting exactly what you paid for when buying this cage. It is cost effective if you’re on a budget, but not the best quality in terms of other cages on the market. It is stated to be rather flimsy. The cage is made of iron, which means this is not built for birds with powerful beaks; the bars can easily chip or be snapped by a beak stronger than a conure.

Sizing & Bar Spacing

The cage with the stand included is 25″ x 17″ x 53″ with a bar spacing of 0.5″, making it the ideal cage for the following birds:

  • Finches
  • Canaries
  • Budgies
  • Parrotlets
  • Lovebirds
  • Cockatiels

This cage isn’t going to cramp up a room or require much space, so it’s perfect for small houses or apartments where every inch is important.

If you do house a cockatiel in this cage, make sure to give them plenty of outside play time since it’s not as big as ideal cockatiel cages. It should be fine to put two or possibly three finches in this cage, but no more than that. I wouldn’t put two of anything the size of a budgie or larger in this cage together.

The stand it comes with is not an optional attachment, as it houses the droppings tray.


There are claims that this cage is notoriously difficult to assemble with little instruction and no visuals to aid in the assembly. There are complaints that some of the flimsy frames shipped bent, making assembly even harder and more time-consuming.

The Stand

The stand is a nice addition to the cage. It comes with rollers so you can easily move the cage where you need to. It also has a nice little shelf for storing your bird’s food or other items – always a bonus in my book. Sadly, this cage does not come with a droppings shield, so expect some big messes on the floor.

The stand is made of the same material as the cage, so it can also be a little flimsy or ship bent, just like the main part of the cage.

The Cage Doors

The main door is very big, which makes it easy to take items in and out of the cage. It comes with a simple flip latch, which is fine for the birds this cage can support.

It’s nice that this cage comes with four feeding stations, rather than two – if you wanted to keep two or more finches in the cage, this is perfect for letting them all feed peacefully. The feeding doors are kept shut by gravity. Ideally they would have a latch, but it shouldn’t be a problem with smaller birds (I’ve never had a small bird outwit a gravity-based door mechanism).

Additional Comments

It’s nice that they provide two perches. These perches should last forever against the types of birds that are able to be housed in this cage.

Personally, I don’t like plastic feeding bowls: they are harder to clean and can slowly accumulate bacteria over time since plastic is microscopically porous. There are complaints that the plastic feeding bowls can come shipped broken.

Do I Recommend this Product?

This cage is a hard MAYBE. If you’re tight for cash and own a smaller bird, this is an okay temporary home, but I would strongly recommend replacing it with a sturdier cage soon after.

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