Yaheetech Wrought Iron Select Review – Heavy Duty Parrot Cage

Yaheetech Wrought Iron Cage

  • Bird Size(s): Medium
  • Dimensions: 30" x 32" x 68.5"
  • Bar Spacing: 0.6"
  • Durability: Strong


  • Made of durable wrought iron.
  • Stand has wheels for easy rolling.
  • Five feeding stations with metal bowls.
  • Extra large door for ease of access.
  • Comes with optional out-of-cage play stand.
  • Comes with an optional droppings shield.
  • Easy assembly instructions.
  • Complimentary rope toy.


  • Doors can be easy for smart parrots to open.
  • Only one perch included and it is flimsy.
  • Assembly requires tools.

Full Review

Yaheetech is the leading brand for bird cages, and this product does not disappoint. Yaheetech’s 69″ Select Wrought Iron Cage is a well-crafted, durable cage built for tough beaks and messy birds.

The cage comes with a rolling stand, a droppings shield, an out-of-cage play area, a bungee rope toy, one wooden perch, and five metal feeding bowls – three for inside the cage and two for outside the cage. The entire cage is made of a durable wrought iron, painted with non-toxic hammertone paint, and the bowls provided are stainless steel. With all the bells and whistles included, this is an incredible deal for the price tag.

Sizing & Bar Spacing

The cage on its own is 22″ x 24″ x 35″ and has a bar spacing of 0.6″, which is the perfect size for the following parrots and parakeets:

  • Cockatiels
  • Conures
  • Caiques
  • Lorikeets
  • Quakers
  • Amazons
  • Indian Ringnecks
  • Pionus Parrots
  • Sengals
  • Eclectus Parrots

It can house up to two cockatiels, two conures, or two caiques within the space, but I wouldn’t recommend housing more than two of the other parrots listed above, as they are considerably larger and need more space to thrive.

With the rolling stand, droppings shield, and top play area included in measurements, this cage comes out to a whopping 30″ x 32″ x 68.5″. This can make it difficult to house in smaller homes or apartments. You’ll definitely want to clear out a pretty big space for this cage if you get it.

Luckily, if you’re extremely tight for space, the droppings shield and top play area are optional. The rolling stand, however, is not, since it houses the droppings tray.


This cage is fairly easy to assemble and is on par with building Ikea furniture. Instructions and visuals are clear in the assembly manual (which is a godsend after how many cages I’ve received with little instruction and no visuals). Amazon reviews even aid in this endeavor with useful tips and visual step-by-step guides you can follow along to.

The biggest hurdle I found with the assembly is that you need tools to finish the job. There are screws and nuts included with this cage that are required to complete this cage’s assembly, but it’s part of the reason why this is so durable.

The Stand

The stand houses the droppings shield and a convenient slide-out droppings tray. Unlike other competing products, this cage’s droppings shield funnels directly into the tray, with no extra space between them for seed or other debris to fall out.

It comes with a nice set of rollers so the cage is super easy to move at any time.

Personally, I like having a shelf under the cage to allow easy storage, but this cage lacks one. There’s plenty of room underneath though to put a small storage box or tote, if you don’t mind it being on the floor.

The Cage Doors

The latch on this cage’s main door is called a “crescent lock”, which you need to flip up to open the cage door and flip down to lock it back up. Some birds may be able to outsmart this locking mechanism, since all you need to do is move it up to unlatch it. You can unscrew the original lock, however, and add on your own method of locking in case this becomes an issue.

Unfortunately the feeding doors can be super easy for parrots to open, if they’re smart enough. It’s a very basic latch system. I recommend just zip-tying these permanently shut and using the main door to move the feeding bowls in and out instead.

The Play Area

The upper play stand is an awesome bonus for the cage, allowing your bird to be out and about without the need of supervision. It even comes with its own feeding bowls and slide-out droppings tray for prolonged out-of-cage stay.

I don’t find play stands to be that big of a necessity, since you’ll be spending most out-of-cage time playing with the bird yourself, but it can be a nice addition for if you’re in the room doing something else for a moment and can’t watch your parrot at that exact moment.

Additional Comments

I love that the cage comes with a complimentary rope toy for parrots. The company didn’t have to do this, but they did, and if you’re a brand-new bird owner without toys yet then this is a nice little treat.

I hate plastic feeding bowls, and consider metal feeding bowls a necessity for any cage: they’re easier to clean, sturdy against strong beaks, and don’t harbor as much bacteria as porous plastic. This cage delivers on this with a ton of nice, heavy duty, steel bowls for your parrot.

I really think this cage could come with more wooden perches, or some decent heavy-duty perches, since the cage is so large and the perch included won’t last a day against some of the larger birds this cage can accommodate.

Do I Recommend this Product?

I absolutely recommend this cage – it’s a solid YES from me. It’s strong, well-designed, and looks amazing. You can tell that Yaheetech knows their audience and delivers on a solid product.

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