Quiko Intensive Red Review – Supplement For Red-Factor Canaries

Quiko Intensive Red Supplement

  • Bird Species: Canary
  • Food Type: Powder Supplement


  • Provides vitamins and minerals for daily health.
  • Gives red-factors a robust and vibrant red color.
  • Easy to use - no fussy instructions.


  • Pricey for what your get.
  • Can stain fabrics and skin.
  • Can tint droppings red.

Full Review

Quiko Intensive Red is a water-soluble supplement for red-factor canaries. It uses canthaxanthin to bring out the red plumage in your canary. The supplement also contains a mix of vitamins and minerals for canary health, so it can be beneficial for any canary, not just red-factors.

How to Use

This product is fairly easy to use. The product comes with a small scoop for easy measurements. You should use one scoop per canary per day. It is recommended that you put this scoop in either their wet feed (i.e. vegetables and fruit) or in their water. I’ve found that canaries are not heavy drinkers and it yields the best results if put in their wet food.

It should be kept in a fridge when not used, to maintain freshness.

Some canaries might not eat colored food or drink colored water at first, since it seems foreign to them. This can lead to malnutrition and starvation, so make sure you leave food and water out that isn’t colored as an alternative option.


The supplement contains canthaxanthin as well as important vitamins like biotin for feather, skin, and beak health. These two work together specifically to provide the bright red plumage for red-factors.

Vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, and vitamin B12 are included in the supplement for your canary’s essential daily vitamin intake. Calcium, niacin, and folic acid are also added into the mix.

These are artificial supplements in a powder form that you apply to their daily meals or water.

Additional Comments

It’s a bit pricey for what you’re getting. I would recommend using this sparingly (half a scoop) to make it last longer and provide your red-factor canaries with fresh foods that naturally help in keeping them red. You’ll get more bang for your buck this way. 

The color can easily stain clothing and furniture. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use, or risk getting red on absolutely everything. Putting the supplement in your canary’s water can cause a huge mess if your canary is a frequent bather. 

The pigments can turn your canary’s droppings red. This can be alarming at first, and it could mask an underlying problem with their droppings in the future. 

There are arguments as to whether or not it is ethical to feed birds artificial supplements. While I wholly endorse feeding natural produce to your birds, this supplement isn’t going to harm them if used correctly. There is always a risk of overdosing your bird on vitamins and minerals, when giving them too much of something. Be conservative about how much you use.

Do I Recommend this Product?

If you mix this supplement in with natural and organic produce, then YES, I do recommend this product. Don’t rely on just this for daily vitamins and nutrients. You should already be giving your canary daily meals that are fresh, organic, and encompassing all their daily nutrient needs. 

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