QBLEEV Bird Treat Skewer Review – Easy Way To Give Treats

QBLEEV Bird Treat Skewer

  • Bird Sizes: X-Small - X-Large
  • Enrichment: Average
  • Durability: Strong
  • Variety: 2


  • Super durable - will last as long as your bird.
  • Easy to use and install in cage.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Allows food to be elevated off floor.


  • Smaller birds may be daunted by the size.

Full Review

QBLEEV’s bird treat skewer is a “toy” that allows you to easily place any fresh fruit, vegetable, or toy into your bird’s cage without hassle. The skewer is made from stainless steel, so even large parrots cannot break it while munching down on their favorite meals. The metal also makes it super easy to clean after each use. The clamp allows the food to be elevated, this way your bird doesn’t have to eat contaminated food off the dirty floor of the cage. Two sizes means that both large and small birds can make use out of this toy.

My budgie absolutely loves this product. The toy works just like a skewer you’d use for a cookout, just force the fruit or veggies onto the shaft and hang it in the cage. It’s incredibly handy, super easy to use and install, and provides both vital nutrients and enrichment for your bird.

If you buy your bird toys without a way to attach them to the cage, you can also use this product to hang them up without fuss.

Some birds may be daunted by this product, at first. For smaller birds, the skewer might come off as a bit big and intimidating, but once they get the idea in their heads that it’s for tasty treats, they typically come around to it.

Do I Recommend this Product?

I give this product a solid YES. I almost want to say it’s a necessity for any bird owner. Not only does it promote a bird’s health by keeping food off the dirty floor of the cage, it’s ease of use means you spend less time every day having to prepare your bird’s fresh meals and treats.

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