KAYTEE Fiesta Review – Nutritious Feed Mix For Parrots

Kaytee Fiesta

KAYTEE Fiesta for Parrots

  • Bird Species: Parrots (General)
  • Food Type: Varied Mix

For Parakeets

For Cockatiels

For Conures

For Macaws


  • Varied mix - includes seeds, fruits, and veggies.
  • Added supplements for optimal health.
  • Large selection for all parrot types.


  • Contains dyes and pigments.
  • Very dry - makes your bird drink more.

Full Review

Kaytee Fiesta is a subset of diets by Kaytee. They consist of a mixture of seeds, nuts, pellets, dried fruit, and dried vegetables. The feed is supplemented with Omega-3s, antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics for boosting the immune system, supporting digestive health, and promoting plumage/skin health.

One of the biggest things for me about this product is just the sheer variety. There is a very nice array of diet choices for nearly every type of parrot, so finding the right option for your bird is no hassle at all!

Personally, I do see generally positive results when I use this feed. My birds perk up after breakfast and seem to have a bit more energy throughout the day. They are a bit selective about what they eat from this though, so some bits get completely wasted and thus they don’t receive the full nutritional value from it.

If your birds are picky like mine, make sure you are feeding them fresh food on the side to compensate for the loss of nutrition.

The food is incredibly dry, and I see my parrots drink much more water with this than on other diets. If you buy this, make sure your birds have a lot of clean water throughout the day! This is a no-brainer for any dry pellet food on the market.

The feed includes natural colorants to dye the pellets and seeds. Kaytee claims these colors and textures are for enrichment and mental stimulation. Personally, I find this a downside, as I believe parrot food should be completely natural and undyed. It’s generally not going to hurt your bird though.

With smaller birds, the price is pretty affordable; however, with larger parrots who eat much more, it can be a bit of a money sink.

Do I Recommend this Product?

If your bird isn’t too picky about their daily dry meals, then I give this product a YES. You have to keep on top of how much water they are drinking, though.

I recommend giving your parrot a small amount of fresh food every day while using this feed, just so they have something that isn’t hard and dry. You can see more about the fresh foods you can offer them HERE.

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