JW Comfy Perch Review – Versatile Perch For Any Parrot

JW Comfy Perch

JW Comfy Perch for Birds

  • Bird Sizes: Small - X-Large
  • Enrichment: Minimal
  • Durability: Strong
  • Variety: Many


  • Incredibly bendable - able to fit any cage.
  • Super durable against even the toughest beaks.
  • Lasts for years under normal wear and tear.
  • Huge list of sizes to choose from.
  • Sizing charts are accurate and no-fuss.


  • Can occasionally receive weak wires.
  • Smaller birds sometimes get caught on it.
  • Not suitable for canaries and finches.

Full Review

JW Comfy Perch is a durable rope perch that can bend and twist to fit any cage size. The perch comes in a massive variety of girths and lengths, accommodating all sizes of parrot, even macaws. It is cost-effective and durable enough to last many long years. Plastic, screw-off attachments make for easy attachment to any cage. The rope is soft on parrot’s feet, while the vibrant colors of the rope add visual interest to their environment.

Personally, I have used many of JW’s Comfy Perches over the course of my life and have been very pleased with the results. Once you buy one, you can typically make it last for your entire parrot’s life unless they are heavy chewers. Since I have some heavy chewers in my household, I probably go through one every three years, which isn’t bad at all for the price!

On a rare occasion, you can get one with a weak wire in it, but it only becomes an issue with heavier birds who can contort them with their weight.

Sizing wise, the company is very accurate in letting you know which perch size is best for which parrot and cage, and the ability to flex and twist the rope means even longer perches can fit. This can take the headache out of measuring cage width any time you need a proper-sized perch.

Do I Recommend this Product?

Personally, I do recommend this product. It’s a great perch for any parrot cage. I emphasize this, as I do not recommend this cage for canaries or finches – their claws are very fine and can easily get caught in the fibers.

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2 comments on “JW Comfy Perch Review – Versatile Perch For Any Parrot

How interesting! I bet this comfy perch is perfect for birds! They can grip on and even get a nice hold, without hurting their claws. I have only seen birds with the wood perch. My friend and store owner brings her bird into the shop and has a wooden perch. I will definitely tell her about this. The price is a great price! I can see why you need it stiff so the birds can sit on it. Is it bendable? This was very informative!


Thank you! It’s super bendable under normal human force, so it can fit inside any cage. You can make all sorts of neat shapes out of it too – birds never get bored using the same old perch this way. 🙂


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