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EcoCity Training Clicker

  • Bird Size(s): X-Small - X-Large
  • Durability: Average
  • Variety: 4


  • Great price for four unique clickers.
  • Produces a loud and consistent sound.
  • Fewer product quirks than competing brands.
  • Clicker itself is durable - lasts years.
  • Has a lifetime warranty.


  • Wrist strap is very flimsy.
  • Can occasionally recieve a faulty clicker.

Full Review

EcoCity’s pet training clicker is a high-quality clicker for training all sorts of pets, whether it be dogs, cats, or parrots. This specific order comes with four clickers. The clickers have a metal sheet on the inside that, when pressed down upon by the plasic button, emits a sharp and audible “click”. The product comes with four straps, a digital e-book, and a lifetime warranty.

This clicker is simple but effective. I find that these clickers don’t come with as many issues and production quirks as other clickers on the market. They’re nice and loud, but not so loud that it hurts to listen to. My parrots took very well to them.

With a lifetime warranty, you are able to return this item if it ends up getting damaged or wears out, but since it comes with four I have yet to find myself needing to use the warranty. The clickers themselves have lasted a solid two years for me, so far.

The only thing that did break on me soon after purchase was the strap. The strap is built very cheap and flimsy, so it wasn’t long before it went kaput. I didn’t think it was warranty-worthy on my end though, so I am unsure on whether or not they replace them.

Other than the strap, this clicker is built pretty well, especially for the price of a four pack.

Do I Recommend this Product?

If you’re really looking to clicker train your parrot, then I give this product a YES. There’s nothing about this product that is glaringly bad, especially when you look at the reviews on products with similar prices.

You do have a chance at getting a faulty clicker in the four pack, but with a lifetime warranty and three others to pick from, it’s not the worst-case scenario.

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