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Quiko Intensive Red Supplement Bird Species: Canary Food Type: Powder Supplement VIEW PRODUCT HERE 4/5 Pros Provides vitamins and minerals for daily health. Gives red-factors a robust and vibrant red color. Easy to use – no fussy instructions. Cons Pricey Read more…

Yaheetech is the leading brand for bird cages, and this product does not disappoint. Yaheetech’s 69″ Select Wrought Iron Cage is a well-crafted, durable cage built for tough beaks and messy birds.

EcoCity’s pet training clicker is a high-quality clicker for training all sorts of pets, whether it be dogs, cats, or parrots. This specific order comes with four clickers. The clickers have a metal sheet on the inside that, when pressed down upon by the plasic button, emits a sharp and audible “click”. The product comes with four straps, a digital e-book, and a lifetime warranty.

QBLEEV’s bird treat skewer is a “toy” that allows you to easily place any fresh fruit, vegetable, or toy into your bird’s cage without hassle. The skewer is made from stainless steel, so even large parrots cannot break it while munching down on their favorite meals. The metal also makes it super easy to clean after each use. The clamp allows the food to be elevated, this way your bird doesn’t have to eat contaminated food off the dirty floor of the cage. Two sizes means that both large and small birds can make use out of this toy.

ZENY Bird Cage

ZENY’s bird cage is a budget cage that includes a rolling stand for ease of movement and placement. The cage is spacious enough to house cockatiels and birds of equal size. It includes two feeding stations (4 bowls altogether) and two wooden perches.

Kaytee Fiesta

Kaytee Fiesta is a subset of diets by Kaytee. They consist of a mixture of seeds, nuts, pellets, dried fruit, and dried vegetables. The feed is supplemented with Omega-3s, antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics for boosting the immune system, supporting digestive health, and promoting plumage/skin health.

JW Comfy Perch

JW Comfy Perch is a durable rope perch that can bend and twist to fit any cage size. The perch comes in a massive variety of girths and lengths, accommodating all sizes of parrot, even macaws. It is cost-effective and durable enough to last many long years. Plastic, screw-off attachments make for easy attachment to any cage. The rope is soft on parrot’s feet, while the vibrant colors of the rope add visual interest to their environment.